Before your session arrive well rested and be sure to have eaten something

Afterwards keep your artwork clean, apply moisturizer, don’t pick or scratch, do not submerge the area for at least four weeks




Arrive relaxed and well rested. Keep in mind that getting a great tattoo is usually not a short procedure. Please do not schedule your session just before important engagements as this may not allow you to relax throughout your sitting. It is always best to allow yourself the appropriate time and space to finish the process
we need to have your 'canvas' in good condition

Ink Will Be Present

do not come in your best suit or dress

make sure the clothes you select are light enough that they won’t rub or otherwise chafe your new tattoo


Avoid Tanning and Direct Sunlight

for one to two weeks prior to your appointment

Do Not Come On An Empty Stomach

doing so can lead to cardiac and circulatory complications. It is important to keep your blood sugar levels up

you should have eaten a reasonable amount a few of hours before your session

Do Not Consume Drugs / Narcotics

the usage of these substances may negatively affect your artists’ capability to provide you with the best artwork possible

Do Not Book Right Before A Vacation

* if you’re going anywhere where your new piece will be exposed to strong sun *

the same applies to the period after a holiday, where your skin has already been exposed to strong sun

Do Not Proceed With Epilepsy or Hemophilia

be sure to also inform your artist about any existing allergies

if you have any medical conditions (especially HIV and or hepatitis), you are obligated to inform the concierge upon completing your initial booking request



Aftercare encompasses many different procedures. The primary set of which include how you clean your body art, with what and how frequently. There are numerous suggestions and guidelines, all of which aim to ensure trouble-free healing. Proper aftercare will maximize your artwork’s probability of correct, natural healing. Improper aftercare can ensure a poor result and in some cases even failure.

suggested procedures following your session

Immediately Following Your Session

leave your artwork wrapped within the protective material applied at the studio for approximately three hours but no more than four (this being a geographically specific recommendation)

once unwrapped lightly wash the area, be sure this is done with warm water and clean fingers

after washing, gently pat with a clean paper towel and allow to air-dry for about 10 to 15 minutes

do not re-bandage the tattoo once unwrapped

Don’t Shave or Wax Until Totally Healed

this typically means nothing done to the tattooed area for the first month or so

Apply Thin Layers of Ointment Daily

gently wipe off any excess ointment before each new application

this should be kept up for at least three to four days

your artwork will start to flake somewhere between three and six days after applied

Do Not Pick or Scratch

let your skin peel naturally

while using the lotion or washing your artwork you may notice small pieces of colored dry skin flaking off, this is normal. It is simply your body ‘cleaning’ the top layers of perforated skin. Your artwork is not disappearing

unscented, non-alcohol based skin lotion can be applied about three to four times a day. This should be repeated until completely finished peeling

if possible, wear loose fitting clothes over your new artwork

Be Careful Not To ‘Suffocate’ The Area

this applies especially to socks and or pantyhose

avoid tanning and direct sunlight on your new artwork for the first four weeks

avoid swimming, hot tubs and saunas for the first four weeks too

if on an area where it can be exposed to air; allow it to breath


Your body and clean air are what’s going to really heal your new artwork

even when your piece has completely healed, we recommend you apply SPF 35+ sunscreen in order to keep your composition sharp throughout the years to come