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If you have already completed your consultation or quick contact form you may expect a response within the coming 12 to 48 hours. We apologize that we are unable to assist any walk-in or un-scheduled appointments. Our artists and consultants have all their meetings carefully arranged to ensure the highest quality of service throughout. If you would like to make an appointment please feel free to fill in the online consultation form, write to concierge@tattootemple.com or call the number above. Once we have some general information regarding preferences for your artwork we should be able to arrange a meeting within just a few days


Very limited numbers of new commissions are accepted. These are awarded by a lottery system weighted according to when your request is submitted as well as design concept

Waiting times for artists currently range from 15 to 37 months – this is the time between commissioning your artwork and when your actual application session(s) would be scheduled

The majority of clients fly in from overseas specifically for their sessions, most booking over a year in advance, as such the schedules are tightly maintained to ensure quality

Each piece is created for the one client and then never repeated, we have no stock or pre-fabricated designs. Pricing is calculated per-session hour and varies according to your recommended artist

Below are links to the artists’ galleries, the online Tattoo Guide, FAQ page as well as a range of information about the studio. Please do feel free to contact the concierge should you have any questions or require specific information. We are always available and happy to help in anyway possible. Thank you for dropping by and we hope to see you again soon

Warmest Regards, Your Tattoo Temple Crew