Located in the heart of Central with a private consultation room and bar – only one private session is scheduled per day. Sterilization areas are separated from clients with an entirely separate studio dedicated to painting and drawing artwork. To maintain the most hygienic setting possible clients remove their shoes upon entering


Hospital Class B autoclave for the steel grips sterilization, each wrapped in hermetically sealed pouches. Further a dedicated hospital-grade cleaning service sterilizes the studio and working areas following every session

Disposable Items

Needles, plastic grips, ink, caps, water-proof bed covers, plastic sealants, table covers, cable covers, machine covers and disposable pillow cases. Any area that may even potentially come in contact with skin is either covered by water-proof sheeting / plastic wrap


Only distilled, highly purified water is used throughout. This includes all diluting solutions that may be used during sessions as well as sprays alongside other cleansing solutions


Are specially imported directly from the manufacturers in the USA and UK. All exceed the most stringent international hygiene requirements, have been triple tested for purity and certified as only containing organic pigments. We also offer a range of specialist ink for specific aesthetics

Personal Assistant

Joey Pang’s personal assistant will respond to all inquiries


We provide slippers, disposable underwear and bras (should they be required), blankets or heaters, organic coffee, TWG teas along with a variety of refreshments. Free broadband Wifi, personal iPads along with noise cancelling headphones are provided throughout the session as well

Taking Out The Sting

Medical grade topical anesthetic used to any numb areas where your artwork will be applied, for your comfort, is available upon request. These consist of 17% lidocaine, far stronger than over-the-counter alternatives. Although these creams are typically neither required nor recommended